High End Munich 2023 

Kroma Atelier Premieres Leonore and Mercedes. This two new models belong to the new Signature Line.

“My award for best of show easily goes to the Ibex Audio room featuring APL HiFi, Kroma Atelier, VAC, Artesania Audio, and Ikigai Audio. This room created had emotional musical impact than any other room I can ever remember at any audio show. The sound wasn’t just good for an audio show, it was unequivocally fantastic, no matter the venue.” by Audiophile Style 

“I had never heard of speaker-maker Kroma but was impressed by the sound of its flagship Mercedes, which made its world premiere in Munich.(…)the Mercedes projected a large and palpable soundstage detached from the speakers along with an exceptional naturalness of timbre and density of tone color. The bass was also outstanding, with a nice combination of extension with definition.” Robert Harley in The Absolute Sound


Audio Show Deluxe 2022

Magnificent Display by Our Uk Dealer Boyer Audio. Worth every minute at this year’s inaugural Audio Show Deluxe in Whittlebury Park. We had the pleasure to partner Kroma Atelier Stella Extreme with some o very finest equipment from Engström, Shunyata Research and FalkenOhr.

“A good few people I had spoken to during the Sunday had said that this had been their favourite room of all the rooms” -Hifi Pig

                              Capital Audio Fest 2022

Kroma Elektra and Stelle Xtreme shine in Washington!

“Another U.S. debut was in residence at the Kroma Atelier room, where you could see and hear the Stella Xtreme ($34,200) from Spain.  Color me impressed by this speaker’s fast bass, huge dynamics, and splendid openness.” Alan Taffel  The Absolute Sound


 Hifi Deluxe Munich 2022

Kroma Atelier debut Xtreme Series and Flagship Turandot.

Best Sound at Hifi Deluxe by webzine Hificlube and Hifi Advice


Florida Expo 2022 Best of the Show

Hifideluxe Munich 2019 Salon B: Kroma, VAC, Artesania, MasterBuilt, TechDas and Kalista



Mr. Nishikawa -TechDas- giving an explanation about his products, with Peter Breuninger recording him

Kevin Hayes -VAC-

Damon von Schweikert -MasterBuilt-

Hifideluxe Munich 2019 Salon A: Kroma, Bricasti, ZenSati, Artesania and CEC

Show in Spain with Octave, Kuzma, Weiss and Artesanía Audio




AUDIOPHILE, leading Hong Kong high end audio journal: “KROMA Mimi, designed and manufactured in Spain, is the most emotional sounding loudspeaker with the most ambitious sound field and the most powerful low frequency energy amongst all the many compact loudspeakers ever listened by me since I have been engaged in the audio critic / evaluation. Its super sound has surpassed the physical limitations of its body size. When I thought I had already listened to all the best compact loudspeakers in the world, the superb high sound quality of KROMA Mimi brought me unlimited surprises. The manufacturer utilizes the best speaker materials in the world and pays attention to every single detail to create the most memorable loudspeaker in history. Such high achievement is worthy of my writing on my magazine.”



Hong Kong 2018

Kroma Carmen XFI Show 2018

Kroma Elektra & Mimì XFI Show 2018

Munich 2018

Enosound Bilbao 2018

New Kroma Elektra, worldwide premier Munich 2018

We also like black color

We also like black color

Julieta Negra Oro Frontal y Back Negro v2

Munich 2017







Test room

Test room

Julieta in gold finish

Julieta in gold finish

Srajan Ebaen, Six Moons Chief Editor

Srajan Ebaen, Six Moons Chief Editor

At the factory

At the factory


Matej Isak, Mono&Stereo Chief Editor

Matej Isak, Mono&Stereo Chief Editor

Julieta Oro Unidad



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