We created Kroma Atelier as we felt the need to combine the highest level of High Fidelity with the naturalism and realism shown in a live interpretation.

The Hi-Fi market is saturated with absolute reference loudspeakers, which show resonances that lead to artificial sound colorations, discordances, discrepancies, and imperfections in the restitution of the natural timbres of each instrument.

For these reasons, we came to the conclusion that another sound is possible . . . the sound of Kroma Atelier.

Kroma Atelier has exceeded the limits of sound reproduction that, up until now, only the best Hi-Fi systems have been able to achieve. We are tired of stunning, spellbinding loudspeakers that never let us forget that we are listening to a recording. Kroma Atelier allows you to immerse yourself in a live performance with each listening.

You have never enjoyed such an overwhelming, realistic sound . . . such an unknown rich timbre . . . and such high level of detail that, up until now, seemed impossible to achieve.

Pure passion, pure emotion, pure magic . . . this is the sound of Kroma Atelier.